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Really sorry I haven’t been posting much lately folks! I was back in the States for a while enjoying my time with family and friends and have now turned around and headed back to Scotland. Now that I am mostly settled in my new flat I will get back to posting the totally radical shit you awesome folks are used to! Here’s a picture I took yesterday on a hike to quench your thirsts for awesomeness! -B


Anonymous asked: Please stop ruining your posts with your captions:'(

If you don’t like them, don’t read them. -B

emeraldshold-nohope asked: Sweet blog dude. I like your bio, it's a great movie!

Thank you! It’s an amazing movie! I can’t say that I agree with all the places that our government sends our troops, but no matter where they go they do their jobs, which is kicking ass. Anyone that doesn’t respect them for that can go fuck themselves in my humble opinion! -B

Anonymous asked: How is being back in America going after being away?

It has been so great! Thanks for asking! -B

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