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heading-northwest asked: In love with your blog!

Thank you! I need to get back to posting. Still settling in after my trans-atlantic voyage. -B

madness-means-happiness asked: Looking good, dude! Keep doing it 'till you're happy with the way you look!

Thanks! Just picked up some heavier dumbells yesterday and finally added in more cardio. Struggling a little to keep my diet good since I got home. So many foods that I missed! haha I’m doing alright though, still working hard! -B

Anonymous asked: How's life?

Life is fantastic, I’ve been back in the States for a week now and have had a great time so far. Still working out hard and am feeling more fit than I did before I tore up my knee. Pretty much everyone I have seen since getting back has told me I’m looking great or asked how much weight I’ve lost so that’s a great feeling as well! Hope everything is totally radtacular with you! -B

Anonymous asked: you look pretty damn good, i'd like me a real man

Well thank you, not so sure I’m a real man or even what a real man is but thank you for the compliment! -B

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